Technology And Its Impact In The Modern World Today

Why do the people need technology and what exactly can they do with  technology?

The word technology comes from the Greek word techne, meaning art and craft, and the word logos, means word and speech . It was first used to describe apply arts, but it is now used to describe advancements and changes which affect the environment around us . The origin of technology is the invention of tools and techniques. The invention of technology started from as simple as stone tools to the complex genetic engineering and information technology. technology and its impact in the modern world today has gone a long way to help people promote their online businesses and spread information that can help the world.

Technology and its impact in the modern world today

Technology is not far from what we see everyday . The cloths we wear, the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the shoes we wear, the mobile phones we use for information and communication purposes and so on have you ever wondered when and where do those things come from. A layman will say that it was as a result of magic, while some will say it was as a result of witchcraft and satanic powers that make them to come into existence . But a scientists and engineers will say it was as a result of critical thinking ability that bring about the inventions of technology and that which is true. The inventors thought on it and found it useful and started working on it with the available resources and eventually succeeded in bringing it to completion . The moment those thoughts came to reality then technology is said to be invented . So therefore the term Technology can be best described as the application of scientific knowledge put into practical use to solve human problems and also invent useful tools or can be defined as the entities , both material and immaterial created by the application of mental effort in-order to solve human problem and make life easier . what technology and its impact has done to human race has really gone far to help in establishment of tractors used for farming which has drastically reduced man labor and this technology and its impact has benefited africans more.


 Why do we need technology?


Before the invention of modern technology life was not as easy as it was today . Upto 1000 kilometres were travelled on foot, some sickness that were believed that was sent by the gods which took many lives away could have being cured if there were modern technologies to diagonize such ailment. No one can say no from the absolute need of technology in his or her life . Everybody is so dependent on technology that we can’t get away from it. In the modern world today technology are used in making things easier, people buy cell phones to reach their families and friend living in distant places. Transportation are made easier technologies like aircraft, automobiles, trains, and ships are used for that purpose which enables them to reach their destinations faster and easier. Technologies like air conditioners are used for cooling the body temperature during the hot weather .

I hope you will find it interesting in knowing the various advantages and its unpleasing disadvantages of technology if so let’s delve into its advantages. The following advantages of technology includes;

Independent learning in student: With the help of technology student go far beyond their teacher by making research and seeking vital information through the means of internet popularly known as World Wide Web (WWW) . They browse for textbooks, visit online classes without the help of their teacher which makes them to be well informed outside the classroom settings .

It encourages development of new teaching strategies: Modern technology provides a convenient means of teaching by providing the teacher the necessary tools and materials such as voice recognition, text-to-speech converter, translator, volume control, word prediction software and other assertive technologies for students who needs special attention and services.

Better communication means: With the help of technology one can reach his friends and families all over the world by means of cell phones.

Ease of mobility : Technology has provided everyone the fastest means of transportation . Provision of cars, trains, aeroplane,ships are made for that purpose which enables one to transport him or herself to his or her various destination  safely and quickly.

Newness in many field of study: As a result of technology many inventions has being made in different field of study . It has resulted in digitization and modernization in many fields. In field like medicine for instance machines for ultrasound,x-rays, etc are provided which enables the doctor to discover hidden sickness in the body system which later results to proper treatment of such ailment .

Then let’s  look into its unpleasant disadvantages which includes;

It promotes treats and crime: The social media is now used in a negative platform . Internet now provides and promotes crimes . Many drug dealers uses the social media to promote and hype themselves, fraudsters uses the internet to extort huge amount of money from many individuals. People promote porn videos on internet which leads to bad up bringing of children in the society .

Social disengagement in the society: In the modern world today people finds it difficult to socialize or talk to each other they prefer chatting through a digital device  rather than communicating through a real life contact . Couples finds it difficult to talk to each other depriving themselves a happy moment in their marriages by spending  lots of  hours on the internet which later result to misunderstanding and quarrel among themselves  .

Work overload: As a result of technology individuals spends hours in browsing and texting sometimes sleeps at late hours of the night which later leads to headaches and so many other ailments .

Low job outcomes: Technology has led to low job opportunities among graduates because it has provided a means of doing a large work with no or little human effort by doing lots of work that should have being done by humans thereby increasing the rate of employment in the country .

Some technology inventions and their purpose .



Drone is a flying robot that is remotely controlled autonomously through software -controlled plans programmed in it embedded system . It was first constructed and designed by Abraham Kareem during the Yom Kippur war for Israeli air force in 1970’s . Drones are designed for the following purpose;


It provides attack capability for high risk mission .

Drones are used to capture or visualize the world horizon as they navigate higher into the atmosphere.

They are used for deploying military attacks in distant places .

They are used for inspecting and surveying of lands that were abandoned by various individuals due to foreign attacks .

They are used for shooting high quality videos and pictures .

They are used for fun and entertainment.

Cell phone



A cell phone is digital device that enables its users to communicate almost every where in the world . It was first created on April 3, 1973, by Martin Cooper a Motorola researcher and executive using a hand held subscriber equipment, placing a call to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell lab, his rival . Cell phones are designed for;

Sending text messages .

Reading text .

Browsing the internet .

Placing of calls .

Receiving and sending of e-mail’s .



An automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation . The first automobile was designed by Karl Benz in the year 1885 . He was awarded because his car practical, used a gasoline powered internal combustion engine that worked like the modern cars today . Automobiles were designed for many purpose such as;

They were designed for long distant journey .

They provide easy movement and transition to various individuals destinations .

They provide comfortable means of transportation by making provision of air- conditions which makes the traveller feel relaxed and comfortable .

In conclusion technology plays a vital role in our lives in which we are so dependent on it . Kudos to all technology inventors .

technology and its impact in the modern world today has help for good and bad, if you disagree add comment.

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