Reasons Why Influencers Cannot Promote Your Business

 Reasons Why Influencers Cannot Promote Your Business

In the world today every business starter is looking for an influencer that can help promote his business, yes! Good and fine, but that is not a wise approach. Many business starter have signed contract with many influencers and the business ended up closing after the entrepreneur can’t make ends meet.  There was a company I know that started newly what comes on their mind is to sign an endorsement deal with a celebrity, when what should be your main priority is how to do ground marketing and advertisement. The new approach which new businesses embrace is by running ads.

This was how opay ride was disturbing me with their ads till in downloaded, in promoting your business you have to target the region and know exactly what this people likes, this is exactly what opay is doing right now.

Does influence marketing works?  it works funnily enough, most companies are going about it the wrong way.

How can you spend millions on endorsement deal but cannot spend dime on ground marketing and web advertisement. Some of your customers don’t know who is miss BBNaija, they are matured adult, who wants extra income for their family. They don’t care about your celebrity. Do you know that are still cool ways to promote your business rather than putting all eggs in one basket of an influencer. If you believe I will show you the way up

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1. Internet marketing

This is the modern approach of promoting business, as I said earlier how opay ride was disturbing me with ads on facebook, I wasn’t really bothered but at a time I find it troublesome. It puts me to question, what is this opay ride about before I could download it. When I downloaded it, it was really helpful. Assuming when I downloaded it, it was wasn’t helpful. Guess what? I will delete.


 Reasons Why Influencers Cannot Promote Your Business
in next 5years i predict that micro influencers will take over influence markets.

2. Advertisement

Having a good office space for your business isn’t bad but if you invest in sales, marketing and advertising which happens to be the 3 things that bring the money. Nobody  checks what your business looks like, your aim should be how to deliver 100percent in your business, because if customers starts trooping in and you don’t treat them well  or have quality products they will vanish before your eyes.

Marketing first, then branding follows.

While others are busy paying influencers and renting expensive office spaces, you should be busy running running your advertisement.


With this brainstorming article on Reasons Why Influencers Cannot Promote Your Business, you have get to know that also good products markets its self with the help of advertisement and you have got to know as a business starter running ads should be the first before branding, knowing well that your product can serve your customers purpose.

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