How to start a successful managing career and to get a dream job

How to start a successful managing career and to get a dream job

The first-day pen was dropped after graduating from school; it was not an easy task to find a job after school while some are lucky to have one.

The difficulty in finding jobs can be attributed to our unorganized economy, which may lead to how to start a successful managing career and to get a dream job.

Young lads who left school still cluster around the families to foot their bills. This writeup intends to help graduates prepare themselves on how to start a successful managing career and to get a dream job with a reasonable time and focus, which will also help them in keeping hold of the job.

What is the meaning of career

Career is a series of work experience that prolongs a person’s work-life, for one to establish a successful career, it is important to know how an enterprise develops an effective managerial team.

The knowledge is important whether career objectives are economically oriented or they are for professional needs.

How to get a well-paid job

Getting a well-paid job is a fact to be learned and mastered in fingertips. A job seeker is expected to apply for many jobs as possible. Job applicants are expected to follow up newspapers and magazines daily for an open job and apply either through a letter or in person.

In 21 century where the internet has supremacy over our daily activities, most jobs are advertised on the internet, applicants who want to beat his/her follow applicants for the job must be ready to explain why they want the job and what gave them the confidence they will qualify.

In modern days, an applicant should make use of personal connections, which involves using everybody you know as a source of information. If there is a particular position you want to work in your to-be workplace, make contact with the ready workers to notify you when there is a vacancy in any position.

Most jobs are not made public, so expect it by word to mouth. To become a successful job applicant, you need to market yourself, the sad truth about job hunting is that it is not the most qualified applicant who gets the job. Job application is made by who market himself better.

The three ways to advertise yourself for a job

1.Prepare yourself:

This means preparing yourself for possible questions and being versatile about the company or organization you applied for.

Excepted questions like
  1. Why do you think we should employ you?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. What type of payment are you expecting from the company?
  4. What is your previous work experience?
  5. What is the name of the owner of the organization?
  6. Does the product of the company have a brand name?
  7. Can you locate the company for a customer?


2. Be yourself:

Be yourself means being what you are and not portraying what you are not, not doctoring your credentials and also show a concrete interest in the job. Always display a positive assurance and competence.

3. Be courteous

An applicant should be well behaved; it means proper dressing and not spraying perfume all over your body. Promptness is also a problem for applicants; an applicant should at least arrive 15minutes to time of interview showing interest in the job.

Try to locate the company address a day before the interview, not locating the company’s address a day to interview will seriously cause a moment of anxiety for job seeker. Remember not to give a short response, and you should be confident because you worked hard to obtain your degree.

Five good reasons why job applicants fail


One of the concrete reasons why a job applicant fails, and need to know how to start a successful managing career and to get a dream job.

  1. Lack of career planning:

Some applicants do not get hired because they lack plan, purpose or goal. To be a successful applicant, you must have a goal and a plan that will lead to the attained of that goal.

  1. Poor appearance:

What you put on says everything about you. Some organization would like you to be on corporate dress code, but they won’t tell you. Most organizations do not expect you to wear jeans, t-shirt, sneaker etc.if you appear this way, they are 80% chance of you not getting employed.

  1. Being too aggressive:

Being too aggressive could pull you down, be calculative and calm to understand questions being asked.

  1. Lack of interest and enthusiasm:

If the applicant looks to be uninterested, even if his certificate qualifies him, he will not be employed by the organization.

  1. Do not emphasize on money:

A calculative applicant knows emphasizing too much on money will automatically disqualify him knowing fully well he has not proved his worth to the company. When your emphasis on monetary reward is so many, you stand a chance of remaining in that job for a very long time because employers would believe that you will leave them as soon as a better paying job is available.

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