How To Generate $1000 Monthly On A Blog

How To Generate $1000 Monthly On A Blog

I once told someone that he can make $1000 on a blog, he argued with me till I showed him proven ways on how to generate $1000 monthly on a blog. He saw my explanations interesting which lured him to stay beyond the time expected of him, and am here to reveal the cat for you.

“How is it possible to device a way on how to generate $1000 monthly on a blog that generates just an average of 100 – 200 page views daily?”

I will answer this but before then, let me tell you something.

1. You need more than consistent publishing to make money as a blogger.

2. You need the courage to ask for the money.

3. Read extensively on how to improve your negotiation skills. If you don’t know how to negotiate, agencies will cheat you.

4. What most foreign clients that pay for sponsored posts look for first is not your traffic volume (page views) but your domain authority.

5. To increase your domain authority, build links to your site through solicitation from fellow bloggers that you have a relationship with or through guest posting (most recommended)

6. Focus on getting links from authority blogs (blogs in your niche with a high DA)

Having said this, let me make it clear that you should not be comfortable with 100 – 200 daily page views just because I said it’s good enough to earn you one grand monthly when your DA is high.

Once you have a DA up to 24, you can be charging anything from $50 USD per post and above. Please, remember that your negotiation skill is important here.

When I still had so much time on me to guest post, my DA went from 18 to 32 but for more than a year now, I haven’t guest posted even though I still get natural mentions here and there and my DA dropped to 24. However, it didn’t affect my earnings much because my blog has grown so well that advertisers don’t just pay me because of my DA alone but because my blog post is ranking for keywords they are heavily interested in.

look at where they are spending more money and create more articles around that.

That said, I encourage you to install KEYWORD EVERYWHERE… a Google Chrome extension tool that helps you to take note of the cost per click (CPC) of every keyword people search for online. This tells you how much advertisers are spending on the average to target such keywords in your niche.

Once you install it, it shows up on your browser each time you make a search. So before you publish your article, enter the title or major keywords in the search box and see what the CPC and search volume is. Then re-edit your blog post to have a few mention of those keywords – focusing on the ones with high CPC ($$).

 How does this trickle down to increasing your earning potential?

It’s interesting.

Once your blog posts start ranking for expensive keywords in your niche, you grow more balls to ask for more money from companies coming to you for sponsored posts. Meaning you can even ask for $200 per post and they will gladly pay it.

Do it 5 times in a month and you will have $1k (that’s N362,000 for something that won’t take more than 10 hours to complete).

One more thing…

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Write articles with global relevance. Meaning, don’t focus on your country ALONE. An American won’t waste time to click on an article that says, “How To Make $100k in Nigeria.”

Hope this helps?

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