How To Change Trial Version App To Premium Version

As we all know that trial versions has limited date or days to stop in which not all features of the app is released out, it’s annoying to open corel draw or photoshop to see that your trial date has expired especially when you have a crucial job at hand to perform. Quest have come with an eye opener app that backdate your trial version app to premium version, you will be surprise to hear this but it works perfectly well. If you follow the steps on how to change trial version app to premium version, you will see your app work for lifetime.


Follow the steps for running this Software in your Computer.


  1. Download “Runasdate” Software


  1. Install Runasdate Software in your Computer PC.


  1. Now run any trial software on your computer and write down the date of installation on your PC.


  1. When your trial version gets over. Just Right Click on your software and select Runasdate.


Now Runasdate software extend the trial period of your software by increasing trial period. With the help of this software, you can use any software on your PC for a lifetime, without spending money.

Difference between trial version and premium version

How to change trial version app to premium version

  • Trial version: trial versions of apps are disgusting because not all features are released e.g  picture editor. For example some of the trial versions of picture editors are blur but try premium version it looks extraordinary, some trial versions will require you to make payment before you access the main features while some apps will give you the main features for some days before you pay. But with Runasdate you can maneuver  How to change trial version app to premium version.
  • Premium version: with premium version you are happy and relaxed, there is nothing that gives joy like having something to the full though it is a paid version of apps. Knowing fully well that you have all the features to operate your work and give the best output

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