How To Achieve A Long Term Objective In A Business

Short-run profit maximization is rarely based on the best approach to be achieving the sustained corporate growth and profitability of the firm. many investors are with the thought of how to achieve a long term objective in business, Quest comes with a mind-blowing secret to reveal to investors especially the strategic managers of the firm. Therefore, to make long term prosperity purpose, strategic managers designed long term objectives. Long term objectives of the firm or company or organization as listed.

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Competitive position
  • Employees development
  • Employees relationship
  • Public responsibility
  • Technological leadership


Profitability is an important functional area of the long-term objectives of the firm. The ability of any business to operate in the long run that depends on attaining on an acceptable level of profits. Strategically managed firms characteristically have a profit objective usually expressed in terms to return on equity.


Productivity is an essential need for each strategist in the corporation. Strategic managers try to improve the productivity of their companies. Companies can enhance the relationship that usually increases profitability.

Productivity objectives are sometimes stated in terms of a desire to achieve by company. This is an equally effective way to increase profitability.

Competitive position

Competitive position can increase the profitability and productivity of the company. Companies or firms or an organization’s competitive position reduces the cost of production of the output. The corporate success depends on the firm’s competitive position. It is strongly dominated in the market.

Employee development

It refers to be experienced employees who are the asset of the organization. For long term purposes, the company’s employees will be needed training for further course of action that effectively and efficiently managed to produce products in the competitive position and market. Therefore, it is one of the significant long-term objectives of the organization.

Employee relationships

How To Achieve A Long Term Objective In A Business

All companies actively seek good employees who have committed relations with the organizational environment. The strategic manager should know the employee needs and expectations. Strategic managers decide the welfare program for the employees of the companies. It can improve the employee’s relationship in the organization.

Technological leadership

Technological leadership gives a clear picture of the organization goals and objectives for the long term changes in the business scenario. Many companies state their objectives in terms of their technological leadership.

Public responsibility

Business recognizes their social obligations towards customer and society. Civic responsibility is to build up long-term images in the community by through providing social work to the public.

Internal analysis of the company

Formulation of an effective and efficient strategy was based on a clear definition of organization mission, an accurate assessment of the external environment, and thorough internal analysis of the organization. Organization requires success it needs at least three ingredients.

  1. The strategy must be consistent with conditions in the competitive environment
  2. The plan must place realistic requirements on the company’s internal resources and capabilities.
  3. The strategy must be carefully formulated, implemented, controllable, and executed. Internal analysis of the organization is a difficult and challenging one to strategist.

An internal analysis leads to the design of a realistic organization profile. A systematic internal review leads to the main objective of the organization profile. It is essential to develop a strategy and design a practical mission for the achievement of the plan, this is one of the tips of how to achieve a long term objective in business.

Internal analysis of the organization must identify the strategic strengths, weakness, and threats that are based on organization strategy.

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