Advice on saving and Investing in Your 20’s

In 21st century, saving and investment has been a major problem for the youth, most of the youth spends more than a salary earner which is becoming to accommodate by most parent.

When most of the youth are offered advice on saving and investing in their 20’s they display odd face, with psychology you will know they are not interested and feel disturbed.

We are about to reveal six (6) concrete advice on saving and investing in your 20’s.


  1. When you are just starting out, focus on becoming an income machine and not investment guru

Try possible means to become a huge income earner, save a lot of money, do not be obsess on investing, because you need money to invest, that’s the main reason you have to focus on making a lot of money before going into investment.

  1. Do not be obsess over finding your passion

Do not be obsess in finding your passion, learn a lot of skills it will help you finding your passion and knowledge wise.

Learning a lot of skills will give you a lot of options to choose your passion. This passion of a thing has put many people into total mess, most passion don’t pay much. Any passion that does not make both ends meet will soon be left out for hugely paid job.

Advice on saving and Investing in Your 20’s

  1. When you start making serious money, resist the temptation to upgrade your lifestyle

In the world today, once a youth starts making serious money, the next thing that comes his/her mind is to buy most expensive gadgets, cars and many other things which has less priority and cannot fetch him/her more money.

  1. Outside of your day job, become a voracious learner

That voracious alone is a great motivation driver to success, be an inquisitive learner, someone who is eager to learn new things everyday and that keeps your positive vibe going.

  1. Aim to minimize the ‘’big three’’ expenses of housing, transportation and food

This ‘’big three’’ is a common character between the lads, there is 80% tendency that most lads when they start being buoyant enough, they tend to relocate to most expensive house, enter most expensive transport and eat food equivalent to their daily pay, it is very good

But as a young lad who has not yet laid his future foundation, you don’t need those luxury lives now. Once you minimize this ‘’big three’’ you will see yourself soaring higher than others.

  1. Saving and investing rate is the one metric that determines whether you will be financially independent

The word saving and investing is one of the daily muse of a youth but the negative happens, saving and investing is what sets you free in your older age.

This youthful stage is the foundation stage which helps in building you to become independently buoyant if you adhere to advice on saving and investing in your 20’s.

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