5 Behavior To Combat Stereotypes As A Female In Business

5 behavior to Combat Stereotypes as a Female in Business



Stereotypes can kill a woman’s self-assurance in business if it’s not nurtured. Nearly all female leaders in business and the commercial world that rise to success face countless of discrimination and stalking on their climb to the top. The cheerless truth is that it really doesn’t change as they ascend the steps of success, those beneath them only work harder to hide it as to avoid repercussions.

One general rule that can help any executive trying to improve joint effort and functionality in a department is to make sure that essential services such as HR, payroll, corporate calendars, relevant data, as well as numerous other business metrics and operations are all exactingly organized and easily accessed by management, as well as any other employees who may want it.

But no matter how many good thoughts you might have, how much you may improve employee morale, or how much you increase overall business and profit, as a female in a position of power you will always face certain stereotypes and preconceptions. Here are 5 of the most common, along with behavior to combat stereotypes as a female in business.


1. Stereotypes: Women Should Always Be “kind”

This one too goes way back to the caveman days of corporate management strategy. some, noted entrepreneur and business executive like Vanessa Molica once said in an interview that “the biggest challenge I face as a woman in my position is that I’m likely to be labeled negatively when I’m direct”. This is something many female entrepreneur we spoke with agreed is a common issue.


The fact is that you can be both. It is perfectly reasonable to be polite, respectful, empathetic, and open-minded, all while being direct. Making this a regular part of your interaction with co-workers and subordinates will help to dissolve this myth.

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2. Stereotypes: Women Split Under Force

This is one of the oldest excuses in the boy’s guidebook as to why females shouldn’t hold leadership roles. Apparently, they have never seen a woman bear the injure of earning a full time living for herself, two kids, and a dog, all while raising them by herself, taking care of an ailing parent, and going to school. Anybody that can handle that pressure day in and day out can certainly handle the temporary business crises that come and go every day.


3. Stereotypes: Women thrash about in Leadership Positions

This is another chauvinist attitude from an out of touch and prejudiced era which still influences the corporate structure and environment today. The old stereotypes claim that women are too uncomfortable with confrontation or not powerful or convicted enough to push a plan through and get things done and dusted. This are the easy way to combat stereotypes as a female in busines


Simply prove them wrong. Not only that, but let them see you proving them wrong through your day-to-day leadership and guidance. Don’t be afraid to bring up accomplishments or successful endeavors that you have recently implemented around the office. If a male co-worker was doing this, we would simply say they were touting their record as a way to reinforce trust and faith in management.

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4. Stereotypes: What is Persistence in Male Leaders, is irksome for Females

Now we get to a couple of personality traits or behaviors that are interpreted differently in men than they are in women, and the first is persistence. When a male leader is persistent in his quest to introduce new policies or alter the way operations or functions are performed, it is seen as good leadership and conviction in one’s own business philosophy. When a woman does these things, she is oftentimes viewed as nagging and stubborn.


Back up your persistence with positive reinforcement. Praise the coworker for all of the progress they have already made on the project or assignment that you are perusing. In addition to that, continually remind your fellow employees of the benefits that they will all share in once these changes become active. Helping others to view your goal as more of a shared office goal is a much easier way of getting things done without seeming “pushy”.

5 Behavior To Combat Stereotypes As A Female In Business
Gender Stereotypes Comparison


5. Stereotypes: What is Confidence in Male Leaders, is egotism in Females

This might be the most common one of all. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, both as a person and as an expert. And most of the time when male workers display this attitude is seen as a strength and it instills self-assurance in others. But many times, women are highlighted as egotistical or brash for having the same level of self-assuredness.

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Always remain friendly with people, even in those moments when you may have just been proven right in a premeditated brainstorming meeting, or when your offer gets approved out of a pool of supervisor or executive-level presentations, or you have performed enormously well in managing corporate crisis in your department. Remain accessible and elastic when discussing things that are contrary to your personal preferences or visions. Letting your workers see that you are reasonable and that different ideas and opinions can be voiced lets them know that you don’t let egotism drive your management decisions.



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